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These are a few projects I am currently working on. Mostly children´s books in a cartoony style.

I love stories that teach our little ones a good life lesson in a lighthearted way.

I can also imagine myself creating colouring/activity books for children, illustrating educational material or designing stationary.

Cover with text-01.jpg

Children´s book 1

Sir Shame-on-you!

My most current project, a children´s book. Written and illustrated by myself. I can´t tell you a lot about it yet. Except that it´s a book about good manners, wrapped in humor, with a special twist in the end. 

Children´s book 2

The Lockdown Treasure Hunt

A little boy´s adventure in lockdown.

Charlie´s mom says he´s sick and has to stay home. But he doesn´t feel sick at all. He is bored stiff, unill one morning he finds a treasure map in his slipper...

toddler pirate.jpg

Children´s book 3


Here is another Children´s book in the making, last in line. It´s about Benjamin, a very lonely little house.

And that´s all I am willing tell you about it at this point. ;)

Baker cart coloured outlines_edited.jpg
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