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Jessica Kiesewetter

The illustrator behind Light Illustrations

Hey, you are interested in my work, that's awesome!

The one behind Light Illustrations, holding the pencil, is me: Jessica Kiesewetter. Nice to meet you.

I am a Dutchie (from Holland), living in Germany, so naturally my English is better then my German.

As you can probably tell by now, I prefer drawing in a more cartoony style, but I can also draw more semi-realistic.

I draw on my Z-Book in Adobe Illustrator and colour in Photoshop.

However, for fun, I still love to grab my pencils and watercolours.

I've been drawing since the '90's but started to get serious about it in 2017 due to a career change. From April 2017 ´till May 2019 I´ve studied drawing/illustrations and Adobe Illustrator and obtained a certificate to prove it. ;)

But let´s be honoust: the biggest part is self-taught.

I'm a huge geek. I love comics and cartoons, always have, always will. From the '80's X-Men series to modern Animé, from kids cartoons to the Furry kingdom. These art styles inspire me.

Contact me, I'm open to commissions and I look foreward to working with you!

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